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1. 不剥外胶扣压  加工工艺简单,适用于低压力的纤维编织胶管及SAE100R1AT/R2AT等标准的钢丝编织胶管。
2. 剥外胶扣压    需剥去一定长度的外胶层,适用于GB/T 3683-92,GB/T 10544-03,DIN20022,SAE100R1A/R2A等标准钢丝编织胶管以及钢丝缠绕胶管。
3. 剥内外胶扣压  需剥去一定长度的内胶层和外胶层,称为内锁式安全型扣压式胶管接头,适用于GB/T10544-89大口径管SAER12,DIN20023-4SH等超高压钢丝缠绕胶管。

Application: Used to connect various piping components in fluid system or hydraulic system, mainly used for hydraulic power transmission or transporting high pressure medium such as water, gas and oil under the condition of working temperature from -54℃ to +250℃ to ensure the circulation of liquid and transfer of liquid energy.
Material: SS304, SS316, SS316L, brass, aluminum alloy, electroplated carbon steel (color zinc or white zinc), etc. Made of 304, 316 stainless steel with corrosion resistance, rigid firm, beautiful appearance and other advantages, the use of safety performance, life in coastal areas or chemical plants and other corrosive high occasions to reach more than 5-10 times the carbon steel products, more acid and alkali resistance, can work in seawater or corrosive environment operations. It is the irreplaceable choice for high-end equipment!
Standard: EATON standard size, also can be designed according to the actual working condition of the equipment.
Hose joint and hose buckling form:
1. Non-stripping buckling process is simple and suitable for low pressure fiber braided hoses and SAE100R1AT/R2AT and other standard steel wire braided hoses.
2. peel the outer rubber buckling need to peel off a certain length of the outer rubber layer, applicable to GB/T 3683-92, GB/T 10544-03, DIN20022, SAE100R1A/R2A and other standards of steel wire braided hose and steel wire winding hose.
3. peel the inner and outer rubber buckling need to peel off a certain length of the inner rubber layer and outer rubber layer, known as internal locking safety type buckling hose joints, applicable to GB/T10544-89 large diameter pipe SAER12, DIN20023-4SH and other ultra-high pressure steel wire wrap hose.
Hose joints and hose connection forms: 1. full buckling type high pressure hose joints. 2. detachable fine fitting joints. 3. vulcanized joints and low pressure fittings.